Laboratory Furnaces

An extensive range of chamber / muffle furnaces is available for your laboratory.

Whether you need a small bench mounted affordable solution or a high temperature furnace built to the highest quality, Carbolite Gero has a model that is sure to meet your needs and budget. Ranging from the entry level ELF models at 1100°C through to the laboratory sized HTF model with a maximum temperature of 1800°C our experience of building quality furnaces for customers around the globe over the last eight decades has ensured that the Carbolite Gero name is synonymous with Leading Heat Technology.

Whether you need a front, top or bottom loading chamber furnace our extensive portfolio virtually guarantees there is an appropriate standard solution that will meet your requirements but of course our bespoke design service allows us to meet almost every scenario we have ever been consulted about.

Each laboratory furnace has a uniform working volume; this is a three dimensional region that is controlled within the specified tolerances for temperature uniformity. Select a chamber where this uniform volume is large enough to accommodate the items to be heated.

For applications involving chemical vapours, gases or humidity always check with Carbolite Gero or your local dealer which furnaces and elements will be best for your application.

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